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About Us

Founded in 2004, Fintax is an independent advisory firm providing high quality consultancy services in areas such as tax, accounting, financial and management to both local and international clients, by applying local expertise within an international context.

We identify ourselves as flexible, orderly in our work and committed in delivering personalized services to meet our clients’ needs. Our consultants have a solid commitment to our customers and a vast technical experience and management capabilities developed over the years by working for global tax advisory firms.

Our services

Tax Advisory

Due to the fact that meeting your tax obligations represents an important factor of your business, we provide you a team of professionals to advice you in order to conform to either national or international legislative regulations.

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Accouting services integrate advice in the face of changes, either when we talk about transactions, reorganizations, debts, equity or bankruptcy. The experience we gathered in our 5 years of activity highlights in the way we help you manage this complex events.

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Payroll and Human Resources

Due to the fact that people are the most important component of an organization, our services include payroll management and activity mobilization in the sight of an efficient professional and individual development.

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Buletin Informativ 27.07.2018

Legea Nr . 165 / 2018 din 10 iulie 2018 privind acordarea biletelor de valoare. Modificari si completari aduse Legii contabilitatii nr . 82 / 1991. Modificari si completari aduse Legii societatilor comerciale nr . 31 / 1990


Buletin Informativ 05.06.2018

Vă informăm că în Monitorul Oficial nr . 442 / 25 . 05 . 2018 a fost publicată Hota rârea Guvernului nr . 354 / 201 8 pentru modificarea şi completarea Normelor metodologice de aplicare a Legii nr . 227 / 2015 privind Codul fiscal (‘Cod Fiscal’) .


Buletin Informativ 13.11.2017

Vă informăm faptul că în Monitorul Oficial nr . 885 / 10 . 11 . 2017 a fost publicată Ordonan.a de urgenta a Guvernului nr . 79 / 2017 pentru modificarea şi completarea Legii nr . 227 / 2015 privind Codul fiscal (‘Cod Fiscal’) .